Web Application Analysis and Reporting


Once your application has been developed and it has started to grow, issues with scalability and redundancy can become apparent. These growing pains are not always obvious at design time and their solutions are not always found in the application it self. Our expert team of network engineers and server administrators, all with programming backgrounds, can analyze your application and its infrastructure to produce a report on how the architecture of the application and the infrastructure that supports it can be adjusted to allow the application to scale to your needs. Traditional database replication provides only a minor scaling benefit, and requires the application to switch between the master and the slaves depending on the type and sensitivity of the query. This is where more advanced techniques become necessary and the value of the experience of our team becomes obvious. Once your application has reached the point that the database is constantly buzzing with activity, it becomes impractical to lock that database to take a consistent backup, again this is a situation that requires a specialized approach that calls for experienced administrators.

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