Web Application Design and Development 



Web Applications are a rapidly growing segment of the application market because they provide a level of flexibility and availability that until recently had been unattainable. With the new found ability to make web applications available offline, the last limitation of the web application has been removed. There are many important aspects to consider when designing and developing a web application; target platform - this can be which browsers will be supported, and which operating systems (especially if the application makes use of architectures like Flash or AIR), but also which type of device the application will be accessible from (mobile phones, netbooks and sub-notebooks, or full laptops and desktops); target audience - is the web app designed to be used by highly technical staff, trained sales or customer relations staff, or by the general public; availability - how tolerant of downtime are the users or business processes that rely on the system; and finally scalability - how rapidly will the number of users, and the size of the data sets increase, and how will the application deal with the additional load. Having a team that has built the network infrastructure and web application architectures for large applications, and has experience with the issues of scaling web based applications, is imperative to the success of your project.

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